Food Matters: Montgomery County Breweries – Policy, Profit, and Pints

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  • Friday, Aug 23, 2019 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


This summer, Montgomery Parks is offering presentations that highlight the ways that food matters in our community. On August 23, the second installment of Food Matters, entitled “Montgomery County Microbreweries – Policy, Profit, and Pints”, will feature a panel discussion with industry experts. Each will share how they entered the beverage industry, why they do this work, what policies impact their work, local trends in the breweries movements, and stories about their personal experiences. Panelists will also answer questions from the audience. This event is free and open to the public, but registration is strongly encouraged. Panelists include: Kevin Atticks Founder, Grow & Fortify Executive Director, Brewers Association of Maryland Jenn Rogers Owner and Co-Founder, Brawling Bear Brewing, Gaithersburg, MD Jessica Snyder Founder, Waredaca Brewing Company, Laytonsville, MD Light refreshments will be served from Dawson’s Market in Rockville, MD. Attendees over the age of 21 will have the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary local brew from Brawling Bear Brewing or Waredaca Brewing Company. Food Matters is an informative speaker series, sponsored by Montgomery Parks, that features storytelling of farmers, educators, chefs, community organizers, business professionals and food lovers. It is an opportunity for community members to engage with experts of the regional food system. We welcome community members, community organizations and concerned citizens because Food Matters!