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Letterforms Typography & Graphic Design

Category: Media, Ad, Design


11811 Ivanhoe St
Wheaton, MD 20902

  Local First Wheaton Participant

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Just as a letterform in the traditional sense gives shape to an individual unit of language, so Letterforms gives shape to the ideas and messages that our clients bring to us for graphic interpretation.

The owner and creative director of Letterforms, L. Jeannette Feldner, found that her artistic bent in childhood combined with a workplace talent for fast, accurate keyboarding and led her to a career in typesetting and graphic design.

Letterforms began in 1983, when Jeannette set up shop to provide typesetting services on a Compugraphic EditWriter, translating clients’ handwritten or typed copy into sheets of typeset copy, and selling the product to graphic designers and illustrators.

Jeannette carried a fascination with how blocks of words arranged in a page layout to fit with and around graphic elements could strongly influence not just the appearance of a document, but also its ease of use and understanding by readers. Her interest in the interaction among type, graphics, and color, led her to take Letterforms from typesetting alone to the graphic layout design and production business that it is today.

As one client commented in evaluating Letterforms’ services, “ . . . Jeannette has applied her expertise to making sense of the most daunting layout challenges, both online and off. She works closely with others on [our] team, translating ideas into reality on the page.”