Hope and PRide

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Date and Time for this Past Event

  • Fri, May 7, 2021 - Sun, Jul 25, 2021  1:00pm-7:00pm


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Hope & Pride
May 7 - July 25

Gallery Hours
Fri 1pm-7pm
Sat 1pm-7pm
Sun 12pm-6pm

Located at Westfield Wheaton Mall, Lower Level, Entrance 11 (JC Penney corridor)

We hope our art will help bring the the community together to appreciate the beauty around us. We are proud of the way the community responded to crisis and of the artists who continue to create throughout this difficult time. Please visit our gallery to appreciate their work and find some art to take home with pride. If you can't get to the gallery, you can shop here. Everything displayed on our walls is shown below. This show also featured a ceiling installation of rainbow origami butterflies you don't want to miss seeing!

Artists featured in this Exhibition and Sale;
(*Studio Artists)

Anne Albright*

Maria Luisa Benavides

K.S. Brenowitz

Mary Del Bianco

Shelley Dane

Jamie Downs

Felisa Federman

Aaron Feinstein

Leslie Anne Hansley

Sofia Hart

Jonathan Jaeger

Ken the Artist

Jill Lynch

John MacArthur

Frank Mancino

Josue Martinez*

Katie McMurry

Francisca Oviedo

Laura-Leigh Palmer

Rachel Patton

Peijisan Art

Cindy Renteria

Alexandra Slezak*

Elizabeth Steel

Judy DiSalvo Stenger

Vicky Surles

Randall Williams

Rosemary Yue