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Clock Tower/Sun Dial, Medallions by Arts on the Block

Category: Public Art


Ennails Ave & Grandview Ave
Wheaton, MD 20902

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Time for WhEATon, Sundial mosaic, 2016    
Location: Ennalls and Grandview Avenue
Artist: Arts on the Block

As part of a special grant program for arts related activities in Wheaton, Arts on the Block was selected to create a mosaic sun-dial for the Clock Tower at Ennalls and Grandview Avenue. The sun-dial and accompanying smaller circular mosaic discs are to be installed in the summer of 2016. Youth apprentices from the area are trained with the non-profit, Arts on the Block, to design and create original artwork for clients.


Clock Tower/Sun Dial    
Location: Ennalls and Grandview

The Clock Tower/Sun Dial at this intersection serves as a landmark for downtown Wheaton. In 2016, it will be re-envisioned as a public art piece when it receives an upgrade with artist created mosaic sundial face and colorful discs will be installed.

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