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12 Bronze Sculptures, artist Judy Sutton Moore

Category: Public Art


11201 Georgia Ave
Wheaton, MD 20902

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Terrace sculptures, 2013    
Safeway Terrace, 11201 Georgia Avenue
Artist: Judy Sutton Moore

As part of a public amenity package, Safeway commissioned local artist Judy Moore to created 12 bronze sculptures, scattered throughout the public terrace.

The Pole People of Wheaton are designed to entice and engage the public.  The bronze figures are grouped in the planters and seen by the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk as well as the people using the seating areas and walkways adjacent to the Safeway.  By placing the figures within the combination of the plants, flowers, trees of the planters the public becomes Gulliver to a Lilliputian world.  The public enjoys these stylized, playful depictions of people doing what people do…shopping at the grocery store, talking to their dog, getting coffee as they head for their morning commute, planting trees, and play games with friends.  The 12 bronze figures vary in size from 14”H to 28”H. These sculptures provide form and beauty as well as fun and spark people’s imaginations.   


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